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Why Podcasts are an Ever-Growing PR Platform

If you were able to gather a massive group of people who you want to listen to your message, at a time that works for all of them, you would do it in a heartbeat, right? I’m sure you’re thinking…”DUH, but is that even possible?” Well, this is why podcasts are such a rapidly growing platform and the ideal platform for literally anyone. Not only are you able to get your messaging out there, the way you want to, but you’re also able to work with everyone's ever-changing schedule. The accessibility of podcasts are what make this idea so great.

On another note, being featured on a podcast can help set you apart from competitors because people get to meet you on their own time. This is your opportunity to put your brand, company or message in the best light to gather interest in listeners. The list goes on and on, but we’ll break it down a little more for you here:

Increases Visibility. Being a guest on a podcast increases visibility of you and your business or the company you work for. If people like what you have to say, then they’ll want to do more research and find your website, social media, etc. This allows the listener to see all you have to offer and will help you build an image for yourself as a credible expert in your industry.

Drives More Sales. Those interviewed on podcasts are considered professionals and naturally people want to work and connect with industry experts. This, of course, will result in a direct increase of sales. While sharing valuable information you can plug anything you want: a limited-time promotion you have going on, a book you just released, or maybe a masterclasses you are teaching!

Creates New Leads. With the right targeting, podcast appearances can help generate new leads. It’s all a matter of choosing the right podcasts that target your niche market. You can share information about your business you want the listeners to hear. Remember, you are in total control. Lead the listeners where you can continue marketing to them.

If you’re looking for a way to build your brand and authority, you can’t lose with a podcast. Plus, there are so many amazing podcasts out there that increase your chances of finding the right listeners. Don’t hesitate to factor this growing platform into your PR strategy.

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