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What to do During Winter Vacation to Make Sure You Return to the Grind Fully Recharged

Everything seems to get 10x busier before the holidays, right? That’s why we love winter vacation! A time where we can step away from our everyday work life and reset with some much needed relaxation.

Fully disconnecting could be a challenge, but it is imperative to your personal success.

Here's the thing- If you’re constantly checking your emails, running through your schedule for the months ahead or obsessing over what you could have done, you’ll most likely come back feeling more stressed than when you left.

To help you utilize your R&R effectively, we pulled together some tips and tricks to ensure you return to work fully recharged.


Start to prepare for the time off days in advance. Create a list of everything you need to get finished before you throw up your “out of office” reminder. Having those loose ends tied up will make you way more relaxed while you’re sipping on eggnog and enjoying time with your family and loved ones.


Step away from the screen and place your focus on living in the moment and actually enjoying your time away. Giving your brain and eyes a break from being constantly glued to a screen will help you come back even better than before! It’s what we call a reset, people.

Do Something You Enjoy

We are so used to our schedules filling up quickly during the work week with items we HAVE to do. Take time during the break and spend a few days doing things you love that normally you don’t have time for. You’ll step foot back into reality with a fresh and happy perspective.

A break is needed from time to time so it’s important to use your time wisely! We know you’ve spent all year hustling. This break is something you've earned and your breather before 2022. Then, you can hit the ground running.

Happy Holidays!


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