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What is the Difference Between a Press Release and a Pitch?

Though both have similarities and are used in correlation to media relations, they actually have very different uses. It is often assumed that a release is necessary for anything PR related-which is false. In fact, a pitch is more necessary 80% of the time. We’ll break down the usage and provide examples so it makes sense and you can clearly see.

Press Releases:

A press release gives you all the details, such as who, what, where, when and why. A store opening, newly acquired CEO or a brand partnership are all examples of newsworthy items that require a release. A good release can be published as is and shared directly to an outlet or news site. .


Pitches are generally informal in the sense that they don’t include all the intricate details such as that of a release and most definitely cannot be published as is. A pitch is used to persuade an editor or the media of an idea, concept or item. For example, the best shoes to buy for Mother’s Day would best be shared through a pitch.

So yes, a media pitch and release are used to get the word out. But as you can see both have very different uses.

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