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Meet Reconstruction Experts!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Reconstruction Experts (RE) to our growing client portfolio! This company has paved the way for women in leadership to thrive and is the prime example of “it starts within”. RE believes that ability and talent has no gender and a woman is just as capable of leading in construction, as is a man. Their “open door” approach truly is the catalyst to their team’s exceptional work and in conclusion, consistent results. Diversity and inclusion are not only imperative in RE’s workplace, but the backbone to their strong and successful business.

RE is a full-service General Contractor specializing in construction services, roofing and litigation to help you love your place again. They are experts in scaling and growing a successful multi-million-dollar construction/reconstruction company and take reign in the industry because of it. Their ongoing success comes from their high caliber of construction services, imaginative foresight to envision a “one-stop-shop” for reconstruction needs and most importantly, compassion and commitment they share with their clients. Reconstruction Experts will fix what went wrong without disrupting everyday life and do everything feasible to get their clients back into their homes or places of business as quickly and as possible.

We are in awe of the constant learnings through RE and couldn’t be more excited to begin this partnership.

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