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Instagram Reels: The Key to Growth & Engagement.

Well, we’ll get right to it-Reels are the key to growing your Instagram. After our first week of posting just 3 reels, our ‘accounts reached’ increased by 359% and content interactions by 114%. The numbers don’t lie!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with reels, they are short videos used for entertainment or creative messaging. Similar to tik tok videos, they are less than 3 minutes long and used as an opportunity to quickly gain a viewer's attention. Creative content entices users to watch it again, share, and like, thus increasing brand exposure. Not only are they relatively easy to make, but they can be featured on both your feed and the explorer page. Reels are undoubtedly becoming an integral part of Instagram’s business model, offering users and businesses an amazing opportunity to reach a wider audience and secure a loyal following.

The creative possibilities of Reels are endless. To make the clip catchy and engaging, brands need to choose the right song and AR effects (filters). There is even the option for viewers to save your music choice and use it for their own reel. More stats to show you how many viewers are engaging one step further with your video.

Just be mindful of the content you create. You want to make sure that it matches your line of work, and make sense to the audience you want to attract. Once you get that down then you are on the right track. As you may already know, the Instagram algorithm is forever changing, but reels are non-negotiable if you want to grow your audience.

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