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Public Relations in 2021

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

There may have been a moment in time where we thought social media would eventually fade out not at all carrying the weight it does now. But, in the midst of this technological era, social media is imperative to your brand's success. When tackling social media, it is key to have a consistent tone of voice in your online presence to establish your true identity. PR now goes far beyond the traditional print and digital press coverage. The news is shed through various mediums and in result you are left having a more effective campaign result.

This doesn’t completely discredit the ways of traditional PR. However, it is vital to continuously integrate the ever changing trends. If you wish to have your brand remain relevant you absolutely need to integrate the appropriate social media platforms. We have put together a list about how PR has evolved over the past 10 years to make it easier to understand.

OUT WITH: Pinterest.

IN WITH: Tik Tok & Instagram.

Instagram and Tik Tok have the highest engagement rates of all the social media platforms. There are over 1 billion users on Instagram and 800 million on Tik Tok. What an opportunity to gain exposure! People can also REWATCH the video which greatly ensures the message is being retained. You can create one consistent message across multiple profiles that simply highlight your brand’s missions and goals, show your products, and capture leads and sales.

OUT WITH: Traditional PR & Media Coverage.

IN WITH: Exposure Through All Channels.

This is not to say traditional print and online coverage are completely dead, However, the channels we use to communicate with one another are constantly changing and it is imperative for any brand to stay ahead of the trends. Utilizing social media marketing, social media posts, influencer marketing, blog posts, and mediums such as clubhouse will help gain more attention and reach more of an attainable audience.

OUT WITH: Product Mailers.

IN WITH: Experiential Immersion.

Immersing your targeted audience deep into your brand’s identity and story through different hands-on experiences will bring forward a strong consumer loyalty, bond, and connection. Most of the celebrities, influencers or media you gift receive A TON of mailers so it’s important to create something that sticks. It’s scientifically proven that experiences STICK.

OUT WITH: Cold Calls.

IN WITH: Slidin’ Into DMs.

Relationships are key! DM slidin’ is a helpful way of fostering a personal relationship and put a name to a face. No one wants to feel like a personal transaction, so putting in effort to create a friendship is important to get the most of the partnership. This concept brings forward a strong sense of loyalty, bond, and connection.

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