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How To Give Your Brain A Break At Work

Sometimes the day just flows, and you are on such a roll you don’t want to stop. Other days, you get distracted every two minutes and sometimes it’s from something as small as a piece of lint on the desk. Either way, breaks are important and should always be implemented into your schedule. Even though you may be on that roll, you’re setting yourself up for a potential burnout.

Our mind is only able to do so much and a reset is often vital to continue momentum. Many studies have shown that breaks help decrease stress levels. Have you ever walked away from something for 10 minutes or so then find yourself solving all the problems which seemed impossible before? It’s as if you’re granted newfound wisdom just from that simple reset.

We want to share with you five unique ways to get use out of the 10 minute break and get your productivity level back on track.

  1. Stretch! Grab that yoga mat and get flowing. Stretch your neck, shoulders and upper back (all of those muscles get tense behind the desk) to get you ready for the second half of the day.

  2. Listen to some music. It proves to get that serotonin flowing and with a happy mind, comes a happy work day!

  3. Take a walk. Move those legs! If this pandemic taught us anything (besides managing our health) it’s to appreciate the outside world, and some fresh air will do you good.

  4. Meditate! Meditating is a simple way to reduce stress and tension in the workplace quickly. A short meditation break can help clear your mind and make you feel more relaxed.

  5. Take a cleaning break! Not sure about you, but seeing our space clean brings us the utmost joy. It also brings a new sense of motivation once we sit back down.

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